Sunday, September 22, 2013

Semi Healthy Caesar Pasta Salad

1 box of penne pasta (the unhealthy part of salad _processed food 2 diced green or red bell pepper 1/2 red onion ( dark onions are good for you) 1/2 cup or to your liking Daiya Dairy, Soy & Gluten Free Mozzarella style shreds ( I got this at Fresh and Easy $3.99 for 8oz.) 1/2 bottle or to your liking Caesar Salad dressing 1 -2 cups of chopped red lettuce 1-2 cups grape tomatoes sliced in half Mix ingredients and add salad dressing. Very simple. Serves about 4 or 2 depending on how much salad you like. If you take out the pasta salad, then you remove the most unhealthy ingredient.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Composting Bin works great to Make soil

I love composting. I take my peelings from my fruits and veggies and combine with shredded cardboard or grocery paper bags and rock dust. I have little that goes in the trash and it feels good. I have soil that I put back into the garden from the composting. My organic garden is doing well because of this great nutritious soil. The saying" What goes around comes around" comes to mind when I think of the nutrients that are going into making my soil. The only negative thing about it is the heavier it gets the harder this bin is to turn. So use your pitch fork and keep it small. When it gets to big and turns dry like soil then let it go. When the heat is gone, your soil should be ready. If it smells bad, don't use it. Something went wrong.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Jalapeno Fried Rice

Jalapeno Fried Rice

Need help with a Grape Plant

I found this website. It's good lots of good information on growing grapes. I have one plant for 2 years now and I had no idea I needed 2 or more.